Maine Maple Syrup Production:


Here at Hall Farms, we tap 8,500 sugar maples each spring, in hopes of soon reaching over 10,000 maple syrup taps. All but 250 are tapped with plastic tubing, strung from tree to tree. The remainder are tapped with buckets. These buckets are the children's project, which used to be collected daily with our pair of Belgian draft horses, Buddy & Rowdy. Since Buddy and Rowdy are no longer with us, we now utilize our antique bulldozer and a trailer to haul the gathering tank. This season will also be testing our new facility which will work towards our goal of collecting and boiling the syrup in the same location. 

After the sap is collected, production begins. On a good day, we can process up to 20,000 gallons of sap, in a 24-hour period with a yield of more than five hundred gallons of Hall Farms Maple Syrup. If you were in the area, you could tell that our maple production has started by seeing the steam roll out of the sugarhouse.

After the syrup reaches the proper density, it is filtered through this machine called a filter press. The filter press does exactly what its name says, it presses the syrup through to filter out any sediment or sap sand.

Once filtered, syrup is packaged in this state-of-the-art canning unit. We package syrup within minutes to assure the highest quality maple syrup available. This canning unit will fill 4 containers at any given time. We have the ability to fill up to 6, but usually use 4 heads on the canning unit. 

It takes many drops of sap to produce our Maine maple syrup and it takes many more to create our many value added products. Each drop is extremely important to our business.